New Equipment, Replacement Parts, and Service for Fans, Dampers, Heating and Cooling Coils, Silencers, Expansion Joints, Air Handling Units and Fluid Drives

The first call to make for quality equipment, service, and replacement parts is Power & Industrial Air Systems, Inc.

Our goal is to keep your systems working as efficiently and affordably as possible by offering a responsive approach combined with years of technical expertise.

In addition to an outstanding customer service network, we offer a variety of other services including performance testing, vibration analysis, turnkey options, field supervision, maintenance contracts, and systems analysis to make sure that your equipment is operating at its best.

Power & Industrial Air Systems is one of the few remaining sources for replacement parts and original specifications for more than 25 fan companies that are no longer in business.

Whether you need new equipment, service or replacement parts, there’s only one call you should make:   Power and Industrial Air Systems, Inc.